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Union County Bicentennial

2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the founding of Union County. In celebration, the community had festivals, tours and special events planned, many of which were postponed due to social distancing concerns and COVID-19. As of August, the county has officially extended all Bicentennial celebrations through 2021; here's hoping 2021 has some good news in store for us all!

Here is a little info on the founding of Union County:

Union County was organized on April 1, 1820 by uniting parts of Delaware, Franklin, Madison and Logan Counties and Native American territories. To put things into perspective, Marysville was founded in 1819 by Samuel W. Culbertson, Milford Center was founded in 1816, Plain City in 1818, and Richwood in 1832.

For me, one of the most fascinating parts of Union County history is the Amrine Settlement, the first permanent settlement in the area. The settlement had homes, a church and a mill, all of which are no longer standing. Amrine Cemetery is still open to visitors and is well worth a visit. The entrance can be found off of Raymond Road just outside of town.

Today, Union County is one of the fastest growing counties in Ohio. As the area continues to grow, efforts are being made to preserve local history.

We have been making special historical recipes every week in honor of the Bicentennial. Our recipe this week is not historical, but is a Linzer cookie filled with our limited edition Bicentennial Basil Berry Jam. We formulated this jam with local berries and homegrown basil to offer to visitors participating in the Union County Bicentennial Passport program, which has also been extended through 2021. The Union County Bicentennial Passport includes over 30 local businesses offering exclusive Bicentennial products, photo ops and other experiences. You can pick up your passport at any participating business, including the Kitschen farm market shed, the Union County Convention and Visitors Bureau or Union Station 1820 in downtown Marysville. Collect stamps at participating businesses for your chance to win great prizes (and help support local Union County businesses too!)

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