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No Cherry Pie for Christmas?! Sorry to disappoint...

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Ohio weather is notoriously weird. It is not unheard of to see an 80-degree sunshiny day in February and a blizzard in April. This poses a lot of challenges for Ohio farmers. Remember a few years ago when local cherries were nowhere to be found? Or 2015 when local peaches were going for nearly double their normal price at the farmers' market? Last year, maple syrup production was abysmal, and I think we were all a little sad. This year's heavy rains have slowed down planting for farmers all over Central Ohio. Unpredictable changes in weather patterns can take a big toll on plants.

That being said, the following serves as a general guideline to help Kitschen customers understand what we mean when we say "availability based on local growing seasons" on our menu. The months listed represent peak harvesting seasons. I could make you an apple pie in March, but the fruit won't be fresh and local, and I think we can all agree, fresh local food always tastes just a little better!

Local Harvest Estimates for Central Ohio

Rhubarb: May & June

Strawberries: June

Beets: June - August

Cherries: late June & July

Ground Cherries: July

Blueberries: July

Raspberries: July

Blackberries: July

Peaches: July & August

Zucchini: July & August

Tomatoes: July & August

Sweet Corn: July & August

Peppers: July & August

Carrots: July & August

Potatoes: July - September

Pears: August

Apples: late August - October

Pumpkin: October

As you can see, July and August are by far our favorite months for baking - so many yummy local fruits and veggies! Fortunately, thanks to the availability of local honey, maple and sorghum syrups and fruit preserves, we are able to offer items like our linzers, cakes, cookies, Honey Pecan and Shoofly pies year round. So yes, you can have delicious locally sourced baked good for Christmas, just maybe not that fresh cherry pie you had in mind. There's always an opportunity to support local agriculture here in Central Ohio!

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